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unix 2012-02-11 09-05-47

Микро linux micro

Name Base CPU min/rec. RAM min/rec. Disk Desktop Notes
AntiX Mepis 7.0 Mepis Pent 2 128M, or 64M+128M swap Install uses 893MB Fluxbox, IceWM, Rox-filer, Rox-desktop
Fluxbox has more complete menus than IceWM
Icewm hard to shut down
Recognizes DWL-G630, works after reboot
Damn Small Linux (DSL) (original) Intel 486 24M/64M   Fluxbox Base system fits on a 50MB mini-CD or a 128-MB pendrive.
See also DSL-N, its "slightly larger cousin".
Dream Linux 2.2 MMGL Debian       XFCE + Engage
provides Engage application launcher
Dream Linux 3.0DebianP3/ 1GHzXFCE: 128MB
Gnome: 256M
200MB swap, 3.8GB rootXFCE, Gnome"Alternative install: USB Memory Stick with 1 GB. See documentation for details."
Dyne:bolicP1MMX / P2@40064 /XFCEMultimedia tools
Can bootstrap from CD but then load OS from disk
Can save user data in encrypted file
ELive Debian 100/ 300 MHz 64 / 128 M   Enlightenment
Spiffy Engage application launcher.
MiniMe PCLinuxOS   256/?   KDE KDE is a full-featured desktop.  PCLinuxOS MiniMe is "mini" simply by leaving out most applications, such as  You can add the applications you want using the Synaptic package manager.
Mint XFCE 3.1 Debian, Ubuntu ? ? ? XFCE
Like Xubuntu but with more software included, e.g. WiFi card drivers, multimedia support, etc.
Puppy Linux 3.01 (original) Pent 166 MMX 128M or 64M+swap 100MB JWM, ROX-Filer or
Prefers to load entirely into RAM, from which it runs very fast!
SAM Linux 2007 PCLinuxOS Pent 128M 3 GB (2GB root + 500MB swap + home) XFCE + Engage
DWL-G630 (Atheros) works.
PCLinuxOS Control Center dialog boxes don't fit on 800x600 screen.
SymphonyOne 2008.1Ubuntu 7.10Pent 200Mezzo /
Compatible with all Ubuntu packages
TinyME PCLinuxOS 233/ works with 128M Uses 670MB in "/" OpenBox?
Looks nice
Uses 37MB RAM at desktop
PCMan file mgr adds icon for newly inserted USB devices
Xubuntu Ubuntu ?  192M/256M  1.5 GB XFCE
128 MB RAM to run the LiveCD, 192 MB RAM to install.
The Alternate Install CD requires only 64 MB RAM. / 2023-12-11_00-30-47 UTC.