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Asterisk Bootable CDROM

Boot and run Asterisk from a bootable CDROM.
Variable information (config files, network settings, etc) are typically stored on a USB Flash drive or floppy.
There are many Live CD Linux distributions that use this model. The well known being

Asterisk Live CD distributions
AdminsParadise VoIP CentOS based LiveCD including PBX(Asterisk) + CallingCard(A2Billing) + FreePBX + Hylafax + Avantfax
Amatix InstantPBX Debian based LiveCD including PBX(Asterisk) + CallingCard(A2Billing)
Amatix Office Debian based LiveCD/USB providing email, calendar, contacts, telephony (ISDN, VoIP), instant messaging and presence. Integrates Asterisk and Openfire into eGroupWare.
AstBill and Asterisk Live CD AstBill Live CD contains AstBill-, Asterisk 1.2 and MySQL 5.0.15 based on DSL and Knoppix.
Asterisk Live!
( Asterisk on CD-ROM, especially suited for use in Germany: ) <= Asterisk 1.0, last update in 2004!
asterLive LiveCD based on Debian Etch (x86) and includes zaptel and bristuff drivers (Debian Etch kernel 2.6.18-6) made from the ZaKoTel Debian Etch packages of Asterisk
PBXware CD delivery method is easy to install. It takes few minutes to install the firmware which includes all software and applications needed. This method is recommended for customers with no Linux experiance since CD installation is a trully plug and play.
Celliax LiveCD, with a working installation of Celliax (Asterisk + chan_celliax and configuration utilities) based on Knoppix. The Celliax LiveCD contains also all is needed to run Celliax on Windows: the cygwin installer and the tgz with the asterisk-celliax stuff to be untarred in a basic cygwin installation.
CosmoPBX is a Live CD released under GNU/GPL by based on Knoppix and includes latest Asterisk 1.4 and Asterisk-GUI <= last update in 2007
Knopsterisk "From PC to PBX in 4 Minutes!"
ST-PBX Live Asterisk 1.2 and Debian on a Live CD, with posibility to install to harddrive.
Slast Asterisk 1.4 and Slax. Easy to customize for demos and emergencies
Medianix "FreePBX" (Unlike what the name suggests, this live CD does not use FreePBX). A liveCD based on both Debian and Morphix with latest asterisk 1.4, asterisk-gui and more, all packaged for debian sid (packages and repository also available). This is a free version of the Medianix LiveCD, a commercial one with many improvements and ad-hoc written software will be available soon.
Unlimitel PBXonCD - Complete Asterisk CD with Ultra Fast Web Management Interface. This LiveCD is free but it can only connect with Unlimitel's VoIP network in Canada. If you need a LiveCD Asterisk system to be use in Canada, this is it. A commercial version including the hardware is also available for a complete IP-PBX solution.
Xorocm Rapid Live CD - Complete Asterisk System in 3 Minutes! / 2024-07-14_13-47-22 UTC.