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unix 2012-12-23 03-34-57

How to Install (setup / compile) Anope Services?

After installing unreal ircd you must be looking for installation of Anope Services, so here is the tutorial for you about how to Install (setup / compile) Anope services in few easy steps.

1.) Type: wget

Above command will download anope-1.8.2.tar.gz in your shell

2.) Type: tar -zxvf anope-1.8.2.tar.gz
Above command will untar your anope-1.8.0.tar.gz and extract all containing files in anope-1.8.0 folder. Now change directory to anope-1.8.0. For that type command given below.

3.) Type: cd anope-1.8.2
Now you are in anope-1.8.0 directory.

4.) Type: ./Config

Above command will config your anope services it will ask you few questions.

In what directory do you want the binaries to be installed?

Keep it blank and hit enter.

/home/username/services does not exist. Create it?

Just hit enter for next question

Where do you want the data files to be installed?

Again hit enter as we need it to be default

Which group should all Services data files be owned by? (If Services
should not force files to be owned by a particular group, just press

Press enter for next question

What should the default umask for data files be (in octal)?
(077 = only accessible by owner; 007 = accessible by owner and group)

Press enter again as we need default setting.

Allow anope to automatically check for mysql libaries?
unless you get errors with make, there is no need to
change this setting.

Press enter again. Thats it. now it will config your anope services. now you will have to run make command.

5.) Type: make

Above command will compile anope services.

6.) Type: make install

Above command will install anope services. Now you have to change directory to services which is in your home directory so for that type command given below.

7.) Type: cd ../services/

Now you are in services directory and you have to edit services.conf file but there is no services.conf exists so you have to copy example.conf file as services.conf file for that type command given below.

8.) type: cp example.conf services.conf

Now type following command to edit services.conf

9.) type: pico services.conf

Here you have to edit only 4 lines to get your services work.

IRCDModule “unreal32″

Just remove “#” from start of this line

RemoteServer 6667 “services”

change “″ to your given ircd ip by your ircd shell provider and replace “services” with your password which you have applied in unrealircd.conf in your service link block

ServerName “”

This value should be also as per your unrealircd.conf ‘s service link block.

ServicesRoot “YourNicknameHere”

Put your nickname in this value “YourNicknameHere”

10.) now just save your settings and type: ./services -debug -nofork

if everything goes normally and don’t give any error just start your services with command given below.

11.) Type: ./services

If you find any problem or error while installing (setting up / compiling) Anope services just comment here to get help, I will try to fix errors. / 2023-12-09_12-01-31 UTC.